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Database servers

Our Database servers harness the raw processing power of multiple graphics processing cards to handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. GPUs are generally designed for high speed graphical processing, but their architecture and capability for high-speed mathematical processing also allows them to excel in complex computing tasks.

Because of this, Database servers are highly effective for database management, as they can run a much larger number of processes in parallel than CPUs and allow much faster computing speeds as a result. Database servers are highly adaptable, lending themselves to big data and statistical analysis, AI-based applications, and even cryptocurrency mining.

  • Dedicated Database servers harnessing the power of NVIDIA Tesla M40/P40 graphics cards for high performance computation
  • Free up resources and maintain performance while carrying out complex processes such as mass statistical analysis or training artificial intelligence


BudgetVM’s servers run on a range of 4 core/8 thread minimum Intel Xeon-E and Xeon Scalable CPUs designed to give you the performance your business needs. These processors are built to handle the heaviest and most data-demanding computing tasks with ease, from cloud computing to mass data analysis.

Our Xeon processors support ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory, preventing data corruption and crashes from soft errors to keep your business running without issue 24/7. Xeon processors can also enable hyperthreading, enabling cores to process double the amount of data streams for the most intensive processes.

  • A range of Intel Xeon-E and Xeon Scalable CPUs to suit your business’ performance demands
  • Prevent data loss, crashes and data theft with ECC and high-end security


Each of our dedicated servers comes with 16GB of RAM as standard, ensuring high performance and high speeds. Each server also comes with a minimum of 2TB SATA storage memory, or 480GB SSD storage for accessing data even quicker, with additional hard drives available to increase storage even further – SATA memory is available up to 12TB, and SSD up to 4TB.

  • Blazing fast speeds with 16GB of RAM as standard
  • Never run out of storage with 2TB SATA/480GB SSD as standard and up to 12TB SATA/4TB SSD available with additional drives

Operating System

BudgetVM’s dedicated servers support a wide range of operating systems, including 32 and 64 bit versions of CentOS, Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019, Debian, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, Proxmox, Xenserver, VMware ESxi and many more.

With a huge variety of operating systems available, we can help you implement the OS that works best for your business, delivering key functionality and reliability. With an average server deployment time of 10 minutes, your chosen operating system will be installed and configured within minutes.

  • Choose from a huge range of operating systems to suit the needs of your business
  • Rapid installation, with average server deployment time of 10 minutes


BudgetVM offers multiple server architectures to suit the needs of your business. Our expert team will guide you through different server architectures and help you to choose the one that’s best for you.

Options include single web and database servers for a simple, reliable and quickly accessible service, server clusters for enhanced performance and load balancing, and storage attached networks for a more efficient storage solution with highly reliable backup and recovery functionality to keep your data safe.

  • A range of server architectures to fulfil different needs
  • Access enhanced performance with advanced server cluster or SAN architecture, or prioritise simplicity and accessibility with single web and database servers


BudgetVM’s dedicated servers are powered by our 2,000Gbps network, ensuring blazing fast connectivity to keep up with even the heaviest workloads. What’s more, our Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% network uptime and 0% packet loss, meaning our servers will always be online and they’ll never let you down with data transmission errors.

Our network also provides advanced DDOS protection, free inbound bandwidth, 100+ private peers, an advanced routing platform, and even geographically redundant DNS – meaning that even if the main server goes down for any reason, a backup server in a different data centre will seamlessly take over and ensure you can stay up and running.

  • Reliability and high speed in one package, with a 2000Gbps network, 100% uptime and 0% packet loss.
  • All the security you need, including advanced DDOS protection and geographical DNS redundancy.


Our servers are consolidated into high end data centres for maximum optimisation, using enterprise server hardware to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. We also guarantee 100% server uptime and 0% packet loss thanks to our combined physical and digital security measures.

24/7 onsite security, biometric access control, and backup UPS and generator power supplies keep our data centers physically safe from intrusion or power loss, while our 1800Gbps Denial of Service Mitigation system and dedicated firewall hardware protect them from digital threats.

  • High-end enterprise server hardware consolidated into data centers in multiple locations
  • The best physical and digital security to keep servers online and client data secure

Architecture Guide

These common database hosting architectures can be customized to your situation.


Single Web and Database Server

This is the most simple architecture we offer – a single dedicated server which incorporates the web server, database server and file storage server all in one. Because this architecture is so simple, it allows for the quickest possible setup, giving you access to your dedicated server within minutes. However, its simplicity also means that it isn’t as readily scalable as other architecture options, and can also lead to the different aspects of the server competing for the same resources and processing power.

  • . The simplest server architecture allowing fast setup – accessible within minutes
  • . Lacks scalability and can lead to competing resource demands

Server Cluster

Server cluster architecture offers enhanced performance by combining multiple servers into a single system. Individual server nodes are dedicated to given components of the system (such as the web server, file storage server and database server) and connected by a high-speed local network to form a single high-performance cluster. Server clusters offer highly efficient load balancing as well as high availability, as even if one node fails another can handle its request instead.

Find out more about server clusters


Storage Attached Network

A storage attached network provides a high-performance connection between the main server architecture and a separate storage array incorporating its own series of servers and switches. Since SANs run independently from the rest of the server network, they allow the rest of the system to run more efficiently. They also provide easy and reliable backup functionality. However, SANs are more complex than other architectures, potentially increasing running costs and setup time.

  • . Increased efficiency and performance
  • . More complex and costly

Database Hosting Servers

For more assistance choosing a server for database hosting, chat live with an BudgetVM expert.

To learn more about our dedicated servers or receive a custom quotation, chat with a member of our sales team

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