DDoS protection from BudgetVM

Our networks are constantly monitored by our expert team of security specialists to keep servers running safely, securely and efficiently 24/7. We provide 1800 Gbps of DDoS protection as standard with all our hosting services – enough to handle even the largest-scale DoS and DDoS attacks. All our protection plans also include live reporting, keeping you in the loop on all security threats and letting you know when they’ve been dealt with to give you complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive DDoS protection capabilities

Network-Layer Controls: by defining and enforcing
IP whitelists and blacklists, you can allow or restrict
requests from specific geographical regions and
certain IP addresses.

Application-Layer Controls: pre-defined, configurable
application-layer firewall rules let you address
categories such as protocol violations, request limit
violations, HTTP policy violations and more.

Adaptive Rate Controls: by monitoring and controlling
the rate of requests against applications, you can
automatically protect them against application-layer
DDoS and other volumetric attacks.

Kona Rules: using WAF rules developed and
updated by Akamai’s Threat Intelligence Team, you
can continually address new and emerging web
application attacks.

Security Monitor: get real-time visibility into security
events and drill down into attack alerts.

Site Shield: cloak your origin from the public Internet
to protect against direct-to-origin attacks.

What are the Different Types of DDoS Attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service attacks vary significantly, and there are thousands of different ways an attack can be carried out (attack vectors), but an attack vector will generally fall into one of three broad categories:


Volumetric DDoS Attacks

Volumetric DDoS attacks involve the use of high volumes of malicious traffic in order to overwhelm a network. These broad attacks can be dangerous both for the potential damage they can cause and by masking more focused attacks on the network.


TCP State-Exhaustion DDoS Attacks

These attacks target the underlying infrastructure of a network. They work by stressing the scale of the Transmission Control Protocol of the network, specifically attacking connection state tables to take down firewalls, load balancers and application servers.


Application Layer DDoS Attacks

Also known as layer 7 attacks, these target the top layer of a network – the application itself. These attacks are highly targeted, focusing on specific vulnerabilities and attempting to block the application from communicating with users.

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Included Features & Services with ALL Hosting Services


DOS Protection

Defends against attacks via TCP, UDP, IP protocols, Invalid IP packets, ICMP types, Time To Live field, packets lengths, and more



Receive up to the minute notifications of attacks, mitigation and resolution of DOS and DDOS attacks.


Robust Network

With over 1800Gbps of Global Routing capacity we can handle the largest of attacks.



Our highly trained team of security specialists monitor the network ensuring it is running at its peak performance.


Dedicated Support

Our support team is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year monitoring your services and ensuring it stays online.

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