What is a dedicated server (and why do you need one)?


What is a dedicated server (and why do you need one)?

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Your business’ site has the potential to dominate the market with a strong online presence. But are you experiencing crashes? Slow performance?

Are you looking for a way to propel your site forward or cope with a sudden influx of traffic?

As one of the key issues that contributes to poor website performance is sharing servers with other users, you might require a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers do what their name suggests. They are physical servers, typically dedicated to one business alone, that uphold the requirements for the site to run efficiently.

They let the user store data, host their applications, and maintain easy access to their website.

But how will you benefit from using a dedicated server? Find out how in this post.

Why is a Dedicated Server the Wise Choice?

Dedicated servers are vital for many reasons. When you opt for a good dedicated server you are the exclusive user. This means hosting is enhanced and taken to the next level in many ways.

First, you’ll reap the rewards of enhanced website performance and all of your site’s apps will also benefit – they’ll never be overburdened by other parties using the server and you’ll never have to worry about slow loading times.

Second, just like when you fly first-class and get all that extra legroom, a dedicated server gives you an exceptional amount of storage capacity. As dedicated servers are not shared with other users, you can make use of all that extra space and bandwidth.

Plus, with dedicated hosting, you’re much less likely to receive hacks and security threats because, unlike shared hosting, your site will be highly secure.

If we compare hosting options with accommodation security, while shared hosting is like a room inside a shared house, and VPS hosting is like an apartment in an apartment building, dedicated servers are a detached house (they offer an unsurpassed level of security).

What Are Some Other Benefits of Using a Dedicated server?

But the benefits don’t end there.

What if you’ve got a high-traffic site or run a business that has more specific hosting requirements? Dedicated servers are the ideal, obvious choice.

You’ll have no concerns about other sites jamming up the CPU and RAM of the server, and your site won’t be impacted by bad scripts running on other sites.

Because not only do dedicated servers offer you a supreme level of flexibility and reliability, they optimize your site’s speed, by giving you exclusive access to the server.

Configure Your Server with Ease

Ease of configuration is a key benefit of using dedicated servers. As you’ll have control over the server, configuring its settings is possible.

The simplicity of server configuration is incredible. You’ll even be able to make changes to parts of the core hardware or software.

So, say you require precise server settings to run a highly specialized application, you can do it easily with a dedicated server.

This makes it ideal for sites that need to install or configure certain software to optimize and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Ideal for High-Volume Traffic

Dedicated servers, just like the ones you get in restaurants, are lightning-fast for high-volume traffic.

Opting for one means that your site will easily be able to cope, no matter how many monthly visitors you receive.

You’re far less likely to see your website crash due to the server when you choose dedicated hosting. Why? Because your dedicated server doesn’t share resources among additional users.

You Get a Unique IP Address

What’s more, with your unique IP address that’s available with dedicated hosting, your site won’t be affected by spammy sites that can impact its ranking.

So, if you’re an owner of an e-commerce site, dedicated hosting is important for you. Not only do you get an improved level of security (which is essential for taking credit card payments), you also get an enhanced network connection and can avoid the impact of spam websites on a shared network.

So, why is it logical to use a dedicated server? In a nutshell:

  • You can configure the server as and when you need to
  • They are super-fast for sites with high-volume traffic
  • Dedicated servers offer your site a better performance
  • You can get your own unique IP address, and
  • They’re ideal for growing businesses such as e-commerce sites

4 Key Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dedicated Server

You’ll need to be well-informed before you purchase your dedicated server. These four factors are key to making the right choice.

  1. Ask yourself how much bandwidth you’ll need – if you’re looking for a server that has the ideal blend of the optimum processing power and storage capacity, particularly if you need to store videos, you’ll likely benefit from a dedicated server.
  2. Consider if you’ll need to use your dedicated server for various purposes – it’s better to anticipate changes to your hosting needs beforehand, such as whether your business is on the cusp of substantial growth.
  3. Contemplate your peak server load – as dedicated servers have a fixed server load, think about how you might work around potential problems if you exceed the limit.
  4. Consider if your business handles personal data – in this case, a dedicated server is without a doubt the best way to go as they’ll guarantee that no one can access your server or your data.

Dedicated Servers: The Ideal Web Hosting Option

Fast. Secure. And a whole lot of storage. Dedicated servers are a great choice for a whole load of reasons.

Can you benefit from a dedicated server? Without question. Using one will give your site an advantage over your competition.

Just remember, when you pick yours, do the research beforehand, find out which is the best one for your site’s requirements and bandwidth, and consider your required network quality.

As soon as you’ve made your choice, you’ll soon start reaping all the amazing benefits of dedicated servers. Explore and discover the best, most extensive selection of dedicated server options at budgetvm.com.